Second 10 Winners of VIP 50th Anniversary Bottle Breachers Announced

Posted by Katie Amick on Aug 17, 2018 3:12:08 PM

We are pleased to announce our second group of 10 winners of our VIP 50th Anniversary Bottle Breacher drawing!


Hurco 50th Anniversary Bottle Breachers will be shipped to the following:

Antonio Lassandro  |  Siemens Industry  |  Norwood, OH

Bobby Aufdengarten  |  IU Medical  |  Austin, TX

Dana Dunlap  |  Centroid Corp.  |  Howard, PA

William Locher  |  Bill's Machine  |  Pace, FL

John Anttila  |  Anchor Coupling  |  Ingalls, MI

David Johnson  |  Hogan Mfg.  |  Escalon, CA

Scott Maxwell  |  NSA Industries  |  Lyndonville, VT

Gary Jorgensen  |  Zeon Corporation  |  Louisville, CO

Jesse Niesen  |  Straub Design Co.  |  New Hope, MN

John Honey  |  Precision Machining Co.  |  Sioux Falls, SD

To learn more about Bottle Breacher and for a chance to win – click here!


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