It's 5:00 somewhere--a visit to Bottoms Up Beer

Posted by Maggie Smith on Feb 2, 2018 5:09:06 PM

Visiting customers is always fun, but when they're right next door to Hurco AND they're in the beer dispensing's even more fun (especially on a Friday)!

The owner of Bottoms Up Beer bottomus up sticker.jpg(Josh Springer) gave us a tour of his facility where the disruption of the beer dispensing industry occurs. He told us that bars increase their revenue by at least 30% when they switch to the Bottoms Up Beer delivery system.

Since I first learned about this customer of ours, I've paid more attention. And it's true, the traditional method of getting a draft beer wastes a lot of time!

In fact, in one of Josh's videos, he says that's the reason he even thought to invent this new system. As with all sucessful inventors, he saw a problem and found a solution. The problem: waiting so long to get a beer...and thinking "there's got to be a better way." The solution: filling the beer from the bottom of the glass instead of the top.

bottoms up first product.jpg

Above is the first prototype Josh built and it still works!

bottoms up failures and patent wall.jpg

In the lobby (right beneath the patent wall) is a display of the "failures" kept as a reminder of the work it takes to achieve success. 

bottomus up evolution product-1.jpg

Right next to the first prototype (the picture of the pitcher) is the evolution of the bottoms up product. 

Learn more at Bottoms Up Beer and GrinOn Industries - A great story about American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit. 


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