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Manual Bar Pull On A Hurco CNC Lathe - Tips & Tricks

At Hurco we know that not every machine shop has all the equipment that they really need to get by on a day to day basis. Some shops have rows upon rows of machines, while smaller shops may have one CNC mill, one CNC lathe and a couple bridgeports sitting in the corner. So we wanted to make life a little easier for our customers and machinists in genera.  

In this video Jason Falk discusses the topic of a "Manual Bar Pull" on a CNC lathe. If you have multiple parts to run without a bar feeder or a bar puller and don’t want to deal with part setup in between runs, this tutorial will show you how to set up your CNC lathe to do a "Manual Bar Pull" operation to speed up the process.

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Hurco TM6i CNC Lathe - TM Series Page

Travel: 7x, 14z in

Max. Turning Dia: 12.4 in

Max. Turning Length: 13.4 in

Max. Bar Capacity: 1.75 in

Spindle: 6k, 84 ft-lbs @ 1090