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Modify Dimensions: multi-block dimension changes with one quick edit

Have you ever needed to make the same dimensional change to multiple conversational blocks in the same program…and cringed at the thought of tediously changing them one at a time? Well, cringe no more! Hurco’s Modify Dimension function makes this a simple task.

For example: you are engraving contours on a part using several different conversational blocks in a program. You originally programmed a tool depth of -.005”…however, due to variations in the surface of the raw material some of the features are not being completed. You determine that you need to add an additional .005” of depth to each of the blocks.

On the Input screen of the control, you can simply select the Copy and Change Blocks softkey (F6). Then select the Modify Dimensions (F4) softkey. Now, designate the starting and ending block range where the edits are necessary, enter the dimensional changes that you need to make for the appropriate axes, and then press the Make the Change (F5) softkey. If you are editing dimensions in the Z-axis, you also have the ability to apply those changes to the Z-start for each of the blocks in the range you selected or not. …and Viola! Your changes have been applied to each of the blocks you designated all at once!

Note: It is important that you select the (F4) softkey to make the changes when your edits are complete. If you forget this step the changes will not take effect.​