The winner of Hurco's Colts tickets.

Posted by Maggie Smith on Dec 18, 2015 12:24:16 PM

Since the international headquarters of Hurco has been right here in Indianapolis since Gerald Roch and E.L. Humston started Hurco in 1968, we decided to officially cheer for our home team by being an official sponsor! Each home game, we send an email to people in our Indiana region to enter a drawing for tickets to the Colts game.

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing this week. We added a bonus this time with the opportunity to get a second entry by completing the brand health survey. From my brief analysis thus far, the results are similar to other deployments of this survey, which tells me you were speaking the truth (thanks for taking the time to help us see where we stand in your eyes). It looks like about 70% of the people who entered opted to get that second entry (and the person who won was one of the 70%)!

We've been working hard and playing hard at Hurco this past week...lots of pitch-ins (that term might be an Indiana thing...they called them potlucks where I grew up), PRI recovery (PRI is the Performance Racing Industry show, a gearhead's dream, that was held here in Indy last week), and meetings to plan for next year. Therefore, we held our drawing for the Colts tickets while we were on the road...well...just down the road at Carpenter Fisher Hartman Racing (CFH Racing) in Speedway. They have been our IndyCar partner for several years and we enjoy visiting their beautiful facility (we're especially fond of their Hurco machine shop) so we had an offsite meeting at their place. 

Instead of drawing the names out of a Hurco hat, we drew them out of the crystal trophy CFH Racing won at Toronto last year. Thanks to all of you for playing...AND taking the time to complete the survey (I know it can be a pain sometimes, but I certainly appreciate you helping us because we are committed to continuous improvement)! 

P.S. The survey is still open and I would certainly appreciate your feedback (it's 9 questions...all clicks and check it doesn't take long). It's too late for an extra entry for Colts tickets, but I could send you a Hurco hat! Simply click here to complete it.

If the video above doesn't play, click here to see who won!


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