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How to Interrupt Cycle on a Hurco CNC Control

Have you ever wondered how to Interrupt Cycle on your CNC mill? Cycle Interrupt can be used anytime  on the Hurco CNC control when the operator wants to suspend the automatic operation of the machine – in either conversational programs or NC programs – and place the CNC machine into a semi-manual mode. During a Cycle Interrupt the machine can be manually jogged – in any axis – to any desired location, for any reason. Watch the video provided or follow the instructions listed below to get started.


1. Press the YELLOW Interrupt button on the control panel

2. Perform necessary functions (jog machine, measure feature, blow chips, etc…)

3. Press the Auto button on the control panel

4. Press the Start Cycle button on the control panel to resume the program where it was interrupted

NOTE: If any mode button is pressed while the machine is in interrupt mode (auto, manual, etc), the cycle will be terminated and a recovery restart will be necessary to resume the program.