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Hurco Alters Lathe Control to Match Mills

For years, the control software on Hurco's lathes differed from the control software on Hurco's mills. No longer! Now engineers have altered the lathe control to match the mills, allowing machinists to jump from mill to lathe seamlessly.

The difference in software was the result of the engineering process, and the fact that some of the background software on the lathes was provided by third-party developer MDSI. As you can imagine, these differences between the two otherwise seemingly similar controls resulted in quite the learning curve for existing Hurco mill users when learning to program and operate the not-so-similar lathe control, and vice versa.

To begin changing the lathe control to become more like the mills, Hurco purchased MDSI in 2007. Although this acquisition provided much more control over the product and allowed more flexibility to make changes to the software, Hurco engineers were still limited by the old architecture of the previous platform and unable to fully integrate some of the Hurco features and benefits that the WinMax® software offered and had become so well loved by the Hurco mill users.

In 2023, Hurco began releasing the latest Hurco lathe WinMax® software we refer to as version 11 (V11). This new version is 100% Hurco created software – both on the front end of the user interface, as well as the back end of the control software itself – replacing all the previously used third-party architecture. With V11, the user experience between both products is the same, and an operator can move between Hurco mill or lathe products with confidence.

Not only has the addition of V11 made things more compatible, but it also provided the software architecture that will allow Hurco engineers to share feature and benefit ideas between both product lines when applicable. Hurco has always been responsive to feedback from our customers when it comes to enhancement suggestions on the milling products, and now we can begin to implement the suggestions we receive from lathe users as well.

This is just another example of how Hurco works to provide machinists with the most user-friendly and powerful control on the market. Click the link to learn more about the Hurco control and its many features.

If you would like to try a free 90-day trial of Hurco's Winmax® control software for mill or lathe, visit the Hurco website

You'll find more helpful resources, such as training videos and webinars, at Hurco Connect.


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