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Vintage Hurcos: CNC Machines Built to Last

Hurco CNC machines are built for the long haul thanks to their robust iron that will last a lifetime if maintained properly. We love to highlight customers who are still making money with vintage Hurcos that they purchased back in the 1980s and 90s. Bryant’s MachineShop is a great example.


I often travel to different areas of the country to visit existing Hurco shops, as well as talk with shop owners who are thinking about purchasing their first Hurco but have some questions. I say first Hurco because nobody ever buys just one!

During a trip to Mississippi to provide some training for one of our newest customers, I also made a few visits to some existing shops. Bryant’s MachineShop really stood out to me.

Bryant’s is family owned and operated by Gene and Laverne Bryant and their son Ricky, who manages the shop and day-to-day business. It is a very nice shop with both manual equipment and several CNC machining and turning centers.

Among the CNC machines are three vintage Hurco milling machines: a 1982 MB-I, 1984 MD-I, and 1990 BMC 30/M. All three of these machines are still running and making good parts today!

The Bryant's.jpg

Below is a picture of Gene, 82, cutting the day's-needed lot of good parts on his favorite machine, the MB-I.

Vintage Hurco CNC Machining Center

Here is the rest of the Bryant’s Hurco line-up:




Whenever we get the chance to talk to potential new members of the Hurco family, we always tell them how well built the machines are. We tell them stories like this one. Stories about shops like the Bryant’s, who rely on their 35-year-old machine to help support their family every day. Stories with a happy ending.   


You'll find helpful resources, such as training videos and webinars, at Hurco Connect.


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