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5-Axis…it just ain’t that scary

Posted by Mike Cope on Thu, Feb 21, 2013

For some reason 5-axis machining just scares people. While talking with people at trade shows, or when discussing the potential of a customer’s parts being a good fit for 5-sided machining, you can just see an uneasy feeling begin to overwhelm them, and you can see the fear begin to well up in their eyes. The mere thought of all of those axes moving at one time, sends them wanting to run for the hills. But if we take the time to look at it logically, and break it down to what is really happening, it isn’t scary at all!

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Tags: 5-Axis Machining, WinMax Conversational Programming, NC / G-Code Programming, Milling, CNC Control & Software, Manufacturing Industry Insights

Programming 3D Geometry without CAD/CAM Software

Posted by Mike Cope on Tue, Feb 12, 2013

For many years Hurco has offered an easy conversational solution for programming simple 3D geometries, at the control, without the need for expensive CAD/CAM software…but with today’s WinMax control it’s even easier and more powerful than ever before!

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Tags: WinMax Conversational Programming, NC / G-Code Programming, Milling, CAD/CAM / Post Processor, Tool & Die, Mold Making, Prototype Machining, CNC Control & Software

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