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Tooling Partners - G.W. Shultz

hurco cnc with gw schultz tooling running on a cnc millOver the years, Hurco has partnered with many tooling companies. Recently I received a link from G.W. Shultz, that showed a video of one of thier tools cutting 422 Stainless Steel, on a Hurco VMX30HSi High Speed milling machine - at some pretty impressive speeds. The information listed in the video comment section says: "Pushing the G.W. Schultz Tool HGW40250-01 to 1000SFM in 422 Stainless Steel".

Please take a look at the video link below, and feel free to comment. If you are interested in learning more about G.W. Shultz tooling, you can contact them at the contact information posted below. Happy viewing!
@gwschultz_tool on Instagram